Mosaic + Framework Examples

Using Mosaic and DuckDB in Observable Framework

Mosaic is a system for linking data visualizations, tables, and input widgets, all leveraging a database (DuckDB) for scalable processing. With Mosaic, you can interactively visualize and explore millions and even billions of data points.

This site shows how to publish Mosaic and DuckDB-powered interactive dashboards and data-driven articles using Observable Framework. The examples illustrate:

All source markup and code is available at Or, use the source links at the top of each page!

Example: Seattle Weather

Our first example is an interactive dashboard of Seattle’s weather, including temperatures, precipitation, and the type of weather. Drag on the scatter plot to see the proportion of days that have sun, fog, drizzle, rain, or snow.

The examples linked below involve much larger datasets and a variety of visualization types.

Example Articles

Implementation Notes