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Mosaic DuckDB Server

The Mosaic duckdb-server package provides a Python-based server that runs a local DuckDB instance and support queries over Web Sockets or HTTP, returning data in either Apache Arrow or JSON format.


This package provides a local DuckDB server. To instead use DuckDB-WASM in the browser, use the wasmConnector from the mosaic-core package.


The server package is available on PyPi.

We recommend running the server in an isolated environment with pipx. For example, to directly run the server, use:

pipx run duckdb-server

Alternatively, you can install the server with pip install duckdb-server. Then you can start the server with duckdb-server.

Developer Setup

To run the server from the Mosaic repository and to run the server in development mode, follow the instructions for the duckdb-server package.